Conceptual Frameworks

Conceptual Frameworks
…are a brain-friendly methodology
… learn practical topics
…….in a minimal amount of time

Conceptual Frameworks make learning a topic:
– Faster
– More Retainable
– Easier

Conceptual Frameworks achieve their goals by identifying and presenting:
– the most important concepts
– a complete graphical picture of the concepts
– a concise explanation of each concept

Conceptual Frameworks work to make learning a topic:
– Faster: by focusing on the important concepts and eliminating non-critical information
– More retainable: by installing the complete picture in long-term memory facilitating retention
– Easier: by presenting the complete picture first, making the concepts more understandable because they are in context

Conceptual Frameworks work best when:
– A graphical representation of the entire topic is presented
– The concepts are presented in small chunks which can be learned quickly and reviewed
– The topic is presented via video, making it easier to absorb all the relevant material

Conceptual Frameworks are useful in a wide range of topics