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The Moral Foundations of Political Divisiveness

What is the cause of Political Divisiveness? Well, let’s first define politics, for the purposes of our discussion, as the activities associated with the governance of a city, state or country. Political thought and ideas are what drive the decisions

Is Common Core Math Good or Bad?

If you’re like most Americans, you just want to know the right answer, so here it is: Common Core Math is good for Americans. But knowing the answer isn’t enough, one of Common Core’s goals is to help you understand

Is there Common Ground in Hobby Lobby?

The Hobby Lobby decision is, perhaps, one of the more polarizing Supreme Court decisions in recent memory. Within moments of the decision, social media, news outlets, bloggers and pundits were analyzing, criticizing, supporting and deconstructing the decision. Why is it

Political Views and Personal Experience

Huffington Post recently posted Guns, Cars and Too Much Liberty by Barron H. Lerner in which the author speaks movingly about the tragic loss of his nephew, killed by a reckless driver and Richard Martinez’s loss of his son Christopher

The Path to Productive Political Conversations

Talking Politics with Uncle Steve Now that we’ve got a deeper understanding of the basis for political viewpoints and the reason that they are so deeply held, how exactly does that help us conduct more productive political discussions? Let’s go

Balancing Care and Liberty in Big Government

The Size and Reach of The Government Let’s see how liberal and conservative approaches, as formed by the six moral foundations, look at what is, perhaps, the greatest overarching issue that divides liberal and conservative thought: the size and reach

The Moral Focuses of Conservatives and Liberals

Entire libraries of material have been written on the American political structure and that structure is often in flux. Nonetheless, we can get a good understanding of the differences between liberals and conservatives by analysing their views in the context

How Talking About Politics Can Actually Lead to Stronger Relationships

Does this sound familiar: You’re at a family barbeque. You may even like your family. Not that that’s strange but from all of the stories you hear nowadays, it’s pretty rare. You especially like your Uncle Steve. He’s funny, smart,