Brevedy Diet – Eat What You Love and Still Lose Weight – Video

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Here is a summary of the video:

We all know that losing those extra pounds helps us look good, feel good, and be healthy. With all of this motivation, why is it that we can’t lose weight? That’s because most diets restrict what we eat. And these restrictions make us feel constrained, deprived and just unhappy. We can’t wait to throw them off. We want our carbs, our sweets, our fats. And why should we deprive ourselves of life’s permitted pleasures?

The Brevedy Diet actually encourages us to eat the foods we love. So what’s the catch? There is none. We just have understand the basic fact that to lose weight we need to eat less calories than we burn. If we do that, we can eat the foods we love and still lose weight. In fact, when we’re enjoying our food more, it’s actually easier to achieve an “eat less than we burn” mindset. The Brevedy Diet gives us the tools to turn this concept into reality. Check out our Brevedy Basics video to find out how to eat what you love and still lose weight.