Flourishing in Four Dimensions

Joe has read every self-help bestseller in the business. In fact, as soon as a new one comes out, he buys it. Joe is an attentive reader and a bright guy. And when reading these books, he gets great flashes of understanding and inspiration. But like most of us, Joe is hard pressed to say that he is flourishing.

What does a flourishing life look like? One of the leading psychologist of our time, Dr. Martin Seligman says a flourishing life has five components:
– Positive emotional experiences
– Flow-like engagement when doing the things we are good at
– Healthy relationships with friends, work associates and family
– Doing things that we find meaningful
– Feeling accomplishment in our personal and professional lives

With so much research and information on self improvement why do most of us fall short on the flourishing scale? One of the main reasons is because there is a big difference between knowing something and acting on that knowledge. To get true benefit from knowledge, you need a process to put the information into action. In the personal growth arena, the process is often more important because the whole purpose is to apply the information. To achieve this goal we have created the Flourishing in Four Dimensions framework which includes both the critical information and the structured process necessary to increase our flourishing quotient.

The basic information that we need to understand is that we live in four dimensions: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Each dimension has its own goals and deterrents which prevent us from reaching those goals. In future articles we will go into more detail and provide information on the habits that we need to develop in order to flourish in the four dimensions.

The process that is necessary to actually apply the information to our lives consists of five parts:
– Decide that you want to live a flourishing life.
– Get the information that will make that possible.
– Use the information to act in the moment.
– Track and review your actions.
– Get support from friends, mentors and teachers.

In our upcoming articles, we will go into more detail about the Flourishing in Four Dimensions framework.