Facebook Exec Learns the Value of Getting Liked

In business, a company like Facebook is sometimes called out for being a bit unkind towards competitors and partners. However, when it comes to their employees they understand the value of being liked.
Andrew (Boz) Bosworth, the creator of the news feed and now a Facebook exec, has a fascinating post on how he almost got fired at Facebook despite his tremendous engineering talents. The gifted Harvard Grad was one of those people who was usually right and took no prisoners when discussing ideas with others. As a result, nobody wanted to work with him. FB exec Dustin Moscovitz read him the riot act and his fiancee gave him these words of wisdom ““If you want people to work with you, you need to be kind.”

He managed to work on his personality traits and become a gentler, kinder Boz who was now teammate worthy. The rest is history and it seems that Boz is now truly Liked.

Here are three takeaways from Boz’ post:
– Any meaningful work requires a team to accomplish it
– People never enjoy being dissed, even at work
– Be mindful of your emotional impact on those around you

Thanks to Boz for sharing his experience and his growth in this important area.