Is Common Core Math Good or Bad?

If you’re like most Americans, you just want to know the right answer, so here it is: Common Core Math is good for Americans. But knowing the answer isn’t enough, one of Common Core’s goals is to help you understand why that’s the right answer, so please read on.

Here are some of the common objections to Common Core
Political: Big government should not dictate how we teach
Traditional: That’s not the way we learned how to do it
Professional: Teachers have to change all their lessons in a very short amount of time
Economic: Big business wants to privatize education and make money teaching our children
Implementational: Change takes training and time and the standards were rolled out too fast
Foundational: The standards did not take the input of enough people
And in truth, there is a basis for each of these objections. But based on our research and the opinions of many respected educators, common core’s quest for understanding, as opposed to getting the right answer is a great thing for American students.

The video, Common Core Math, Explained in 3 Minutes, helps us understand the underpinnings of the subtraction we do by rote. Common Core teaches students “number sense” which shows them how numbers are flexible and that there are multiple ways to arrive at the correct answer.

Despite the real problems with its politics, economics and implementation, Common Core Math will help our children receive a better education. And that’s a very good thing!