Rethinking The Last Ten Pounds

The “last ten pounds” have become infamous. For some reason, even those who have successfully lost a substantial amount of weight have difficulty taking off those last ten pounds. Why is that?
The answer really isn’t that difficult. It boils down to one of two things:

1. Incorrect Goal Weight. You don’t really need to take off those the last 10 pounds. What are those last 10 pounds anyway? For most people, they are the last 10 pounds needed to get to a fairly arbitrary weight that relates to a prior weight or to some chart that is very non-specific. What if you took what you have determined to be your goal weight and subtracted 10 from that? Would those last 10 pounds still be so hard too lose? Probably not. Sometimes those last 10 pounds are so hard to lose because you don’t really need to lose them. This doesn’t mean that you should always just subtract 10 pounds from what you think you need to lose. But it does mean thinking more about what you have set as a goal weight.

2. Metabolic Change. As you start losing weight your metabolism changes. Often this is your body adjusting to a lower rate of calorie intake and sometimes this is a result of the fact that, as mentioned above, you aren’t meant to lose those last 10 pounds, so your body is “resisting” that weight loss. This is especially true if you have taken off weight very rapidly. Finally, after buy phentermine and you have lost a decent amount of weight, the amount of calories that you burn just through everyday living changes. That is just a simple fact because you are carrying around less weight than you were when you first started dieting. Therefore, you burn less calories than you did when you first started dieting. If your caloric intake hasn’t changed, you will not lose weight as rapidly. Often a slight adjustment to your calorie consumption or a slight increase in activity will get those last ten pounds moving.

Maybe you don’t need to lose those last few pounds. Or maybe your metabolism is keeping you from doing it. Think about which of these reasons apply to your situation and either adjust your thinking or your daily calorie intake.