There is No Best Diet

Julia Belluz has a great piece on Vox summarizing the salient points made in her interviews with more than 20 leading nutrition experts. I’m not sure whether the points that are listed are in order of importance but number one on the list is: There really, truly is no “best diet”.
As pointed out in the post, research has repeatedly shown that there is little to no difference in long term weight loss between those on any of the plethora of diets that are out there. That being the case, many researchers are switching their focus from the type of diet one chooses to tailoring a diet to the individual in a way that makes it more likely that they will stick to it.

The simple fact is that you will lose weight if you limit your calorie intake to less than you burn. The key is finding a way to do that which fits your personality, is sustainable and supports your efforts in a way that makes weight loss more likely.
When we developed the Brevedy Diet, we determined that there are five elements that make a diet successful and sustainable:

Decide – Decide what to eat before you eat
Inform – Have the critical information to make good food choices
Eating – Create good eating HABITS that emphasize mindful and pleasurable eating
Tracking – Keep a written, digital or mental accounting of the foods you eat
Support- Get the support of friends, coaches or professionals

As Belluz points out in her post, the best diet with cheap phentermine is customized to the individual, so different people will place different emphases on the five elements. This allows individuals to create an approach that best supports their respective long term diet goals.