More Pleasure, Less Pounds. VIDEO: The Brevedy Diet Overview

We’re excited to release our first Brevedy Diet Video. This short video gives an overview of the Brevedy Diet. Our next video cover estimating proper portions and calorie counts. Learn how to eat with more pleasure and lose weight by subscribing for the Brevedy Diet eBook below.

Please watch this short video of the Brevedy Diet Overview::


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Here is a written description of the overview video:
The Brevedy Diet
Most people fail in their long term dieting efforts.
To maintain a healthy weight for life, you need to make good eating a habit.
With the Brevedy Diet, you will reach and maintain your healthy weight, without giving up the foods that you love.

We use the acronym DIETS to describe the components of the Brevedy Diet.

Decide what to eat
Inform yourself
Eat Mindfully
Track what you ate
Support your efforts


Don’t Give Up the Foods You Love
To improve your diet, you can change what you eat or how much you eat.
We think your primary focus should be on how much you eat.
After all, food is one of life’s great pleasures, and you can get to a healthy weight without giving up the foods you love.

Consume Less Than You Burn
To lose a pound, you have to burn 3,500 calories more than you eat.
A moderately active woman burns 1,800 calories a day and a moderately active man burns 2,300 calories a day.
If you eat 500 calories a day less than you burn, you’ll lose a pound per week.

Simplified Calorie Counting
We wanted to make the Brevedy Diet simple to follow.
That’s why created the Brevedy Unit (BU), which is equivalent to 100 calories.
The suggested daily calorie intake for women is 13 BUs (1,300 calories) and for men it’s 18 BUs (1,800 calories).


Decide What to Eat In Advance
To moderate your eating, decide what you will eat in advance.
For example, plan a breakfast of
2 slices of toast (2 BUs),
2 tablespoons of cream cheese (1 BU)
1 apple (1 BU)
For a total of 4 BU (400 calories).
You can plan your whole day or each meal.


Eat Three Meals and Three Snacks a Day
To eat less without feeling hungry, you should eat light snacks between meals.
Eating three meals and three snacks a day will keep you satiated.
Meals should be 3-4 BUs for women, and 4-5 BUs for men. Snacks are 1-2 BUs.

Eat Slowly and Mindfully for More Pleasure
The pleasures of food include aroma, taste, texture, temperature and satiation.
Eating slowly and mindfully helps you focus on these pleasures.
Slow eating also reduces consumption by giving your brain a chance to receive satiation signals from your stomach.

Eat Healthier Foods and Exercise
The healthiest foods are minimally processed and grow from the ground.
Eating these foods helps maintain a healthy weight. Increased activity burns more calories.
However, too many changes at once can be difficult, so focus first on your calorie count.

Make Good Eating a Habit
Habits consist of cues, responses and rewards.
You should respond to the cue of hunger or desire with slower, pleasure-focused eating.
This maintains the reward and establishes good eating as a habit.


Easy Tracking
To stay under the 13 BU or 18 BU limit, keep a running estimate of your daily BU consumption.
In the first week, you may want to write it on paper.
By the second week, you should be able to keep this count in your head.


Support Your Efforts
When you start changing your eating habits, enlist the support of your family and friends.
Some people will need the additional support of a group, coach, or nutritionist.
Over the long term, your internally developed habits will keep you on course.

Steps to Get Started
Get your free copy of the Brevedy Diet eBook at
Commit to eating 13 BUs a day for women and 18 BUs for men.
Familiarize yourself with the BU counts for popular foods.
Plan and eat 3 meals (3-5 BUs each) and 3 snacks (1-2 BUs each) each day.
Eat slowly and enjoy the pleasures of your food.
Track how many BUs you consume each day.
Get the initial support you need.

The free Brevedy Diet eBook contains the practical tools to take the next steps towards making eating the right foods in the right amounts a lifelong daily habit. The eBook includes portion size estimation guides, BU counts of popular and healthy foods, 21 days of menus, and hundreds of standalone meals and snacks.