The Trouble With Diet Tracking

Many diets require that you count your calories. For example, three of the highest rated diets in the US News and World Report Annual Diet Review (Weight Watchers, TLC DIet, and DASH) require you to keep track of your calorie count. The popularity of tracking has expanded and there are several ways to track your intake including keeping a manual diary, creating point-type systems and using an automated app.
While studies consistently show that diet tracking can be an essential aspect of diet success, there are several significant obstacles created by requiring dieters to track their food intake, such as:

1. Tracking can be tedious, requiring you to be constantly measuring and recording;
2. Tracking is time consuming, especially when you are forced to look up the nutritional information for every single item of food you are consuming;
3. Constant tracking can create an unhealthy obsession with food intake; and
4. Granular tracking creates an external dependency that may cause your diet to fail when tracking abilities are not available.

How do we take advantage of the benefits of tracking without getting tripped up by the negatives? First, you need to understand the daily calorie consumption of the diet or plan that you are on. Next, you need to invest a small amount of time, approximately one hour, to learn how to estimate portion sizes and understand the calorie count for a selection of very popular foods and for your favorite foods. This will arm you with the knowledge and ability to estimate the calorie count of every meal and snack without having to reference charts, apps or lists.

With the Brevedy Diet, we provide you with an easy to remember portion estimation guide, the calorie count of the 150 most popular foods (categorized by food type: fruit, meat, fish, dairy, nuts, etc.) and a system that makes calorie tracking simpler and easy to maintain. With these tools, you will transform tracking from an obstacle to an asset and dieting from a necessary evil to a pleasurable lifestyle. Get your preview copy of the Brevedy Diet Overivew.