Food Fight: Why All Foods Get Beaten Up

If you try to keep up with food and health news, you might have noticed a trend. A food becomes the new ”super food” or some other darling of the world of healthy eating. Then, shortly thereafter, there is a seemingly contradictory article warning about the down side of the very same food. It seems that no food, no matter how seemingly healthy goes unbruised in the food fight. Foods that have been bruised include nuts, avocadoes, and perhaps the best example of all, the incredible edible egg.
Eggs were once touted as the perfect food: low in calories, satiating, high in protein, vitamins D and B12 and extremely versatile. When science and health community focused on cholesterol, eggs became one of the most vilified foods (maybe that’s why they call them deviled eggs!). Not too long afterwards, there was a slight swing back to the benefits of eggs, in moderation. This is a fairly typical pattern, almost all healthy foods get beaten up.

The truth is that there is no perfect food. That’s because there is no one food that can provide all of the nutrients that your body needs. Surely, there are foods that are objectively healthier than others, but no food is all things to all people. The key is moderation. There are new studies that show that even eating too many foods with antioxidants can be harmful.

Our diet should be filled with super viagra healthy foods but we need a variety of foods for optimal health. And when it comes to those foods which are generally considered healthy, don’t sweat it when the pendulum swings the other way, momentarily, as long as you have an overall healthy and balanced diet, you will be just fine.