Tony Gwynn, Happiness and How You Can Get There

With the passing of Tony Gwynn, we’ve lost one of the best guys in baseball. Being the best guy in a sport doesn’t necessarily mean being the best player. Oftentimes, they are diametrically opposed. It’s just that with Tony, they did coincide. David Seidman, has a short piece on, How Tony Gwynn’s Happiness Helped Save Baseball, where he reminisces about meeting Gwynn some twenty years ago. With just one short anecdote, Seidman illustrates what a gracious and giving person Gwynn was. The Commissioner of the Baseball Hall of Fame said “[Tony’s] all-around excellence on the field was surpassed by his exuberant personality and genial disposition in life.”
Kids often dream about being as good an athlete as a particular superstar. The chances of that happening are close to impossible. But if we aspire to being as happy and fulfilled as someone like Tony Gwynn, that is a dream that we can actually achieve. In fact, there’s a formula for getting there.

Prominent positive psychology researchers, Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, describe the Hapiness Formula as:

H = S + C + V where
H: Happiness
S: Our biological set point
C: Conditions of living
V: Voluntary actions or choices we make daily

Drs. Seligman and Lyubomirsky ascribe percentages to each letter in the formula and explain that 40% of our happiness is attributed to
Voluntary actions or choices that we make daily. Happiness is achieved when we use our strengths and talents to do meaningful, good and pleasant things.

Dr. Seligman wrote “Authentic Happiness” where he discusses the approach to creating a happier, more meaningful life. You can view our video “Three Minutes to the Authentic Happiness” below.

Not all sports stars make good role models but when people like Tony Gwynn come around, we should encourage our youth to emulate not just how they played the game but how they lived their lives.

Please treat yourself to a viewing of 3 Minutes to Authentic Happiness.