The 3 Main Benefits of Healthy Eating

The role that better eating plays in our overall health is a significant component of Why we should focus on Good Eating. There are three central ways that better eating is critical to good health:
Food is an Essential Element for Energy
Food fuels our bodies and the better we eat, the better our bodies perform. Food provides units of energy in the form of calories that give our bodies fuel to perform all of its functions from the most basic functions, such as breathing to more complicated activities like running a marathon. We need a minimum amount of calories to sustain basic metabolic functions and more to carry out physical activities. The more active we are, the more food we need. While all food provides energy, a healthier diet that focuses on a broad variety of nutrients and favors fresh, minimally processed foods will provide the most sustainable energy.

Food Nourishes the Body’s Cells and Mends Wear and Tear
Our entire body is comprised of cells, approximately 30 trillion of them with thousands being replaced daily. Our body’s cells serve several critical functions, two of the most important of which are protecting our DNA from damage and providing energy to our bodies. A poor diet contributes to cell damage which depletes energy, compromises the body’s ability to fight illness and can cause serious disease. A healthier diet that includes a wide variety of necessary nutrients nourishes and repairs cells providing our bodies with the ability to maintain health and promote healthier aging.

A Healthy Weight Promotes Physical and Mental Well Being
When we maintain a healthy weight, we not only feel better, we may be preventing or retarding serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and respiratory problems. Additionally, the overall better health that comes from maintaining a healthy weight with will allow us get more pleasure out of life as our ability to participate in many events and/or activities is expanded. Finally, there are several psychological benefits of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Studies show that individuals who have lost weight and maintained their loss have significant positive changes in the areas of self-esteem, depressive symptoms, body image and social phobias.

These are the primary benefits of healthy eating. The question is how do we begin doing that and how do we maintain it. We will address those questions in the next installment of this series.