Pleasurable Eating Without Guilt

Most people equate dieting with suffering or, at the very least, deprivation. It’s a good bet that one of the significant reasons that there is such a high failure rate in the diet world is because people eventually can’t handle the deprivation.

Eating is One of Life’s Great Pleasures
Food is one of life’s greatest physical pleasures and by depriving ourselves of this pleasure, we are decreasing the amount of pleasure in our lives. By enhancing the amount of pleasure we receive from better eating, we will not only reap the health benefits but we will have more pleasurable lives.

Better eating balances health with pleasure. This can be a tension since, for many people, healthier foods aren’t so pleasurable and pleasurable foods aren’t so healthy. This balance between pleasure and health can be more easily achieved if we take the time to understand the true pleasure of food and eating.
The Different Pleasures of Eating
Pleasurable eating includes enjoying the tastes of good foods but it also includes many other things such as aroma, appearance, texture, satiation and food combinations. When eating, take the time to appreciate and savor foods. Focusing on the different pleasures of eating enables us to get more pleasure from a wider variety of food. We can appreciate, for example, the crunch of a carrot stick or the creaminess of yogurt. We’re not abandoning the great taste of a chocolate cake, rather we are expanding our pleasure repertoire.

Eliminate the Guilt of Eating
Food is a pleasure but it should not be considered a “guilty’ pleasure. When we feel guilty about the food we have eaten, or we label ourselves as having been “bad”, we decrease the pleasure we receive from food. Occasionally enjoying foods that might not fit the general definition of “healthy” is not a crime. When you do so, take the time to enjoy the pleasure these foods provide you, eat slowly without feeling guilt.

Learning to enhance your pleasurable eating without guilt is a critical step to developing better eating habits.

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