The Solution to Diet Failure – The Why, What and How of Good Eating Habits

We’ve discussed that up to 97% of people who diet do not lose weight and keep it off and we’ve posited that the main reasons this is true is because standard diet programs make food the enemy and rely too much on pure willpower.

The key to lifelong good eating is to make it a habit like brushing your teeth. But of course creating a new habit, especially one involving eating, requires motivation, knowledge and persistence. In the “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, Steven Covey says that new habits require three elements: why to do; what to do; and how to do. Let’s use that framework to start mapping out a great diet.

Why Good Eating is ImportantDietHabits
There are two important reasons why we should focus on good eating. The first one is obvious: good health. Food is the best medicine and healthy eating helps avoid illness, sets us on track for healthy weight and provides us with good energy levels. The second reason is much more overlooked. That is that food provides tremendous pleasure. When we start eating a balanced, healthier diet and we focus on the pleasure that food gives us, we won’t feel deprived, we’ll enjoy food more and feel satiated, but not stuffed.

What to Do to Begin Good Eating
There are two important “what to do”s regarding good eating. The first is portion control. We need to get a good understanding of our daily calorie count and then properly allocate our calories to meals and snacks by eating eating proper food portions. The second thing is that we need to keep active. Regular activity is important for both calorie burn and overall adderall health.

How to Maintain Good Eating
Eating well is not mindless. In fact, thought and strategy play a significant role in maintaining good eating. We need to learn to think about what we plan to eat each day, pause and think before we eat, and focus on enjoying and controlling our eating. In order to keep engaged with a mindful approach to eating, we have to develop strategies that help foster the creation of the good habit of healthier eating. These strategies need to include personal strategies, social strategies and structural strategies.

Therefore, when developing a new approach to good eating, we need to incorporate elements that encompass the Why, What and How of creating good eating habits. As we move forward in this series, we will take a deeper look at each of these pillars of good eating success.