Why We Need Another Diet

Experts say that only between 2-5% of people who “diet” lose weight and keep it off. If you had a 5% success rate as a baseball player, you would be batting .050 and would not only be banished from the major leagues, you would go down in history as the worst hitter ever to wear a major league uniform. If you had a 5% success rate at completing your work tasks, your boss would have gotten rid of you a long time ago. It’s clear that the current crop of diets aren’t working.
The truth is that if you follow any popular diet scrupulously, you will lose or maintain weight. Yet, even with constantly advancing systems and research, most people on diets fail. So, why xenical? is it that diets seem to fail miserably? We think there are two major reasons:

1. They make food the enemy
2. They rely too much on pure willpower

So, what can two average guys contribute to addressing the diet conundrum? Without any industry biases or preconceived notions, we can step back and look at the bigger picture of healthy eating and move that discussion past its current, limited scope.

Our goal is to determine how we can make healthy eating a lifelong habit. To do so, we must move beyond the question of what to eat and toward an understanding of the integral role food plays in our daily pleasure and health. Additionally, we need to develop the knowledge and techniques necessary to make better food choices most of the time without relying on willpower alone.

So, if you eat or know anyone who does, you’ll definitely want to follow this series on food, eating and dieting.