Eight Ways to End Mindless Eating

Huffington Post has a great post End Mindless Eating in 8 Easy Steps. The benefits of ending mindless eating extend beyond weight loss, they actually include a more pleasurable life. If you think about what you are eating and how you are eating it, you will truly enjoy what you are eating and, since eating us one of the greatest physical pleasures of life, you will have a more pleasant life. Here’s a summary of the 8 ways:
1. Being hungry can be a good thing. Recognize that hunger is your body’s way of telling you to eat. And then eat to satiation but not to the point of feeling overstuffed.

2. Self-respect. Respect your body, even if it is not what you think is optimal.

3. Change your what to why. Instead of asking what you should eat, ask why you should eat. Are you hungry? Are you tired? Do you need energy?

4. Read labels, but don’t label. Don’t say you’ve been “bad”, every food choice presents an opportunity to make a healthy choice. Calling yourself or food bad leads to throwing in the towel on other food choices.

5. Drink up. In addition to the health benefits of water, thirst is often perceived as hunger.

6. Slow Down. Appreciate the taste, aroma, texture of food and it’s satiation qualities.

7. Be patient. Take the time to learn the things that help you appreciate food more.

8. No excuses. If you make a bad food choice, own up to it and move on.

The article is worth a look for the additional tips such as “never eat standing up”, that help us start down the road to more mindful eating.