The Long, Short Journey of Opening a Web Page

In the previous posts we’ve seen that
Software works by receiving input, processing it, and producing output
Software can be categorized by the type of hardware it runs on and the tasks it performs
Different programming languages are used for different coding tasks

Now, let’s put it all together by looking at what happens when you open the Brevedy website from your Windows PC.

(a) Windows Operating System – Turning on your PC causes the Windows operating system, which is primarily written in C++, to start up.
(b) Browser Desktop Software – Clicking on the icon brings up your browser software (IE, Chrome, etc), which is primarily written in C++.
(c) Web App – Typing in the Browser address line directs the browser to route this request via the Internet to the Web App at the Brevedy server, which is physically located at our hosting provider.
(d) DNS Routing Software – The server address of the request is retrieved from a Domain Name Server (DNS) which run DNS Software, which is primarily written in C++.
(e) Linux Operating System – The request eventually reaches the Brevedy Server, which is running Linux, which is primarily written in C++.
(f) Apache Web Server – The request is processed on the Brevedy Server by Apache Web Server software, which is primarily written in C++.
(g) PHP Processor – Apache directs the request to the PHP Processor Software, which resides on the Linux server and is primarily written in C++. The PHP software processes a series of WordPress PHP pages which are written in PHP.
(h) MySQL Database Server – The WordPress PHP pages request data using SQL from a MySQL Database Server, which is written in C++.
(i) The WordPress PHP pages generate a complete Web Page containing HTML, CSS and Javascript. which is sent back to the PC.
The Browser software (b) on the PC formats the Web Page for you to read.

As you can see, much of the heavy lifting of Server Software is done in C++, while Web Apps such as WordPress, use languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL Now that you have a general idea of how many steps are involved in opening a Web page, you can marvel at how fast that process is executed.