Four Approaches to Back Pain

With the exception of the common cold, back pain is probably the most common of health issues. I won’t regurgitate the numbers regarding the amount of work days lost, money spent on relief and costs to the economy of back pain, suffice to say they are staggering.

So, how do you get relief? There are basically four approaches to back pain:

Pain Management. The goal here is to decrease or eliminate pain. The problem is that it does not address the underlying cause of the pain. Rather, it focuses on the symptoms. Very often, those untreated causes will simply get worse.

Chiropractic is based on the premise of re-aligning your spine. This will often be effective when misalignment is the cause of your back pain. The down side is that alignments won’t generally hold if there is a muscular problem and chiropractic treatment must be repeated quite often.

Surgery. When back pain is severe and caused by structural damage or malfunction, corrective surgery may be performed to stabilize the problem. However, artificially changing the way the body functions can, obviously, have serious repercussions.

Physical therapy focuses on therapeutic movements that seek to restore muscles and joints to pain-free and full function. The downside of physical therapy is that it requires personal, consistent effort which often wanes over time.

As we move forward in our discussion of back pain, we will present a better understanding of how the back works, what causes back pain and how to approach a lasting solution for relief.