What is Coding Anyway? Coding for Non Coders.

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing alot about “coding” in the news; the importance of coding, changing our educational system to include coding, etc. I’ve been involved with several businesses over the years that have involved web sites, blogs and even some sophisticated customized software. I’m often hearing things like “that will involve significant coding” or “that won’t be cheap because there’s a lot of coding needed to make that change”.
But to tell you the truth, I have no idea what coding really is. Mark, on the other hand, has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and has been designing and programing (is that the same thing as coding? I have no clue.) systems for over 30 years. I figured that Mark would be the right guy to orient me on the topic of coding.

So I decided to cajole Mark into helping me understand what coding is and we decided to develop a series on the fundamental concepts of coding for non coders. I’m not looking to become a professional coder or grind out my own html page but I do want to know the basic concepts so that I can better deal with my contractors, etc.

So, if you’re ready Mark, here we go:

I guess to start with, what the heck is coding anyway?

Update: Here are the articles we’ve posted to date in this series

What is Coding Anyway? Coding for Non Coders – Introduction to the goals goals for this series.
Coding and Creating Software for Non-Coders – What software does and the five steps of creating software.
Understanding The Hardware and Software Jungle for Non-Coders – The categories of hardware and software.
Programming Languages for Non-Coders – Enumeration of commonly use programming and non-programming languages.
The Long, Short Journey of Opening a Web Page – The hardware, software and programming languages involved when you open up a web page.
A Quick Explanation of HTML for Non-Coders – A description of what HTML is and what it does.
A Quick Look at CSS for Non-Coders – A description of CSS and what it does.
PHP for Non-Coders – Some real code in PHP, from one of the world’s most popular programming examples.