Teaching Your Kid Healthy Food Concepts

You’ve just taught your 11 year old the importance of healthy eating. Over the next few days, Johnny parades a vast variety of foods before you with the question “Is this healthy?”. You could answer each question as it comes up and since Johnny doesn’t eat all that many foods, he probably would remember most of them.

Another approach would be to teach him some basic concepts about what makes a food healthy. Every subject has many details. The concepts of the subject will include many detailed cases. Armed with a few concepts, Johnny can answer the “Is this healthy?” question for many different foods. If we wanted to give Johnny just three concepts to help determine whether a food is healthy, what would they be?

How about these:

1) Foods that have high salt, sugar or fat levels are unhealthy.
2) Foods that have artificial additives are unhealthy.
3) Minimally processed fruits, vegetables and grains are healthy.

Now when Johnny picks up the potato chips and sees they have high levels of salt and fat he knows they are unhealthy. The apple becomes an obvious choice of a healthy food. He might still have a question about a cheese stick, but with these three concepts, we’ve covered many different foods.