GTD® Concepts in a One Page Graphic

We’re excited to release our one page graphic of GTD® concepts. Over the next few posts, we will walk through the graphic giving an overview of the benefits of the GTD® system and a clear understanding of the 5 steps and 7 files that comprise the system. Let’s get started.

The uppermost box in the graphic summarizes the methodology behind GTD®:

-GTD® is a 5 step system for collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing and doing your tasks and projects.
-These 5 steps will get all your files, papers, projects, tasks & ideas into an organized set of 7 lists & files.
-These lists & files free your mind and promote more effective and efficient task and project execution.

One of the key concepts of GTD® is to free your mind so that it can focus on actually getting things done. By getting all of your papers, projects, tasks and ideas out of your head and into a system, you clear your mind in a manner that helps you focus on the task at hand, without reserving brain power to remember “I must send that package by three tomorrow.”

One of the major benefits of GTD® is that by getting all of your papers, projects, tasks and ideas into a trusted system, you will be prepared for more meaningful work choices and have a trusted system for ensuring that things get done more consistently, more efficiently and more thoroughly.

There are five steps in the GTD® system:

1. Collection – Gathering all of your files, papers, projects, tasks and ideas into one physical location
2. Process – Determining whether each item is actionable or not and placing it in one of 8 lists or folders
3. Organize – Organize each list and folder in a manner that facilitates getting things done.
4. Review – Review your files and folders on a set schedule (some daily, some weekly, some periodically).
5. Do – Perform the actions on your lists and files.

In the next post, we will focus on the first of the five steps of GTD®, Collection.