Achieving Greatness One Day at a Time

imageWe’ve reached the last step of Charlie Harary’s ten part Change series. Let’s recap the steps we’ve discussed up to this point:

1. Inspiration is important because it provides us with a glimpse of the fact that we can be great. But inspiration is not what fuels change, inspiration is fleeting. It’s what we do afterward the inspiration that ignites change. When we actively seek the knowledge necessary to make the change that makes our reality match our moment of inspiration, change becomes real.

2. People often make the mistake of running to take action immediately after being inspired. This mistake is one of the major reasons why changes often don’t last. There is a space between inspiration and action and that is: mentality. In order to create the proper mentality for change, we must first dispel one of the biggest misconceptions that prevents change; we’re not in control of or responsible for our lives. No matter how difficult our circumstances may be, it is imperative that we remember that we are responsible for our own lives.

3. One of the most critical aspects of creating a change mentality is using our power of focus to create a reality that offers opportunities for change because reality is not so much about circumstances, it’s about focus. Focus on opportunities and not obstacles, growth potential and not failure, positivity not negativity. When you focus in these directions, you will find avenues for change where you previously saw road blocks.

4. In order to change, we must really want to change. We tend to use the words “like” and “want” interchangeably. In reality, there is a big difference between wanting and liking. “Like” is a preference while “want” is one of the most powerful things in the world. So, if we would only “like” to change we probably won’t. We need to honestly “want” to change.

5. Realizing that our power to change is rooted in the fact that we are spiritual beings creates a mentality that we can change, on a dime. Today, you can recreate yourself by thinking “I’m a different person. I’m not defined by my past.” Now, you’re ready for change.

6. When you are setting your goals for change, dream big. Set a goal that will inspire you. Set your goal beyond your reality, don’t even be afraid to be a bit unrealistic. That will get you inspired and that will get you moving. Don’t think about where you might trip up. Realize that you are in the goal setting stage and not that actualization stage so don’t worry about the necessary steps to reach your goal, yet.

7. A big goal does not mean big tasks. Greatness is not about tasks, it is about habit. When we do something consistently and persistently, it becomes so well ingrained that it doesn’t become a challenge to perform. Focusing on habit instead of tasks is not merely a function of psychology, there is a physiological difference as well.

All of this sounds like quite a tall order: changing mentality, creating our reality, dreaming big, creating habits. You might be thinking that there’s no way that you can handle all of that. Well, you can. The problem is that we often look at change as this one massive leap, today you are insensitive, tomorrow you’re the most sensitive guy in the world. That’s not how change works. And, if you view change this way then you probably will fail because you are being unrealistic.

Change happens gradually, one day at a time. Charlie uses the analogy of seeing your aunt after several months and she gushes about how tall you have gotten. You think that you haven’t changed so much. That’s because you see each other every day and you’ve only grown imperceptibly on that day. But over time, you’ve become half a foot taller. That’s a significant change. Focus on today. Grow today. Change today. Only look at yesterday if it was inspiring. Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. Today is here, now. Use it to focus, dream big and create the habits you will need to change. After a string of focused today’s you WILL change and you will be great.

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