Creating Good Habits: The Path to Real Change

HabitAfter a short hiatus. We’re closing out January, Change Month here at Brevedy, by wrapping up our synopsis of Charlie Harary’s powerful ten part series on Change.

As a recap, we’ve been discussing that change requires setting big goals and using our power of focus to create a world that is conducive to change. Now that we’ve got the big goal, the dream, how do we take concrete steps to achieve it?

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that a big goal means big tasks. Eventually, this leads to significant dropout numbers because people can’t consistently handle so many intense tasks for so long period of time. The idea that big dreams equal big tasks is broken. It simply does not work.

Greatness is not about tasks, it is about habit. When we do something consistently and persistently, it becomes so well ingrained that it doesn’t become a challenge to perform. Focusing on habit instead of tasks is not merely a function of psychology, there is a physiological difference as well.

Our brains are constantly creating and removing connections between synapses. This is called neuroplasticity.. If you do something a million times, you create an iron clad synaptic connection and the tighter the connection, the less effort you have to put into performing the habit. Once you create that good habit, you have changed who you are and taken another step toward achieving your dream..

How do you determine which habits you need to work on creating? Usually, when we aspire to something, it’s not the thing (wealth, success, etc.) that we want. What we really want is to become the type of person that is wealthy or successful. The key to growth is establishing the habits necessary to be that person. Take a look at the people that are successful in that area and look at the habits that they have established.

When you want something bad enough, you are willing to create the habits to get there.
Change your habits and you change your reality, you change your life. Set your big goal, then think about the habits necessary to lay out the path toward that goal. Once you do that, you are finally ready to put your plan to change into action as we will discuss in our next and final installment.

Brevedy video summarizing change concepts: 3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great.
Charlie Harary’s amazing 10 part Audio series on Change.

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