Setting Goals: Think Big, Really Big!!

We’re just about half way through January, which is “Change” month here at Brevedy. To recap, in our last installment, we spoke about how realizing that our essence is spiritual, not physical, empowers us to change in the face of even daunting circumstances. Today, we’re going to take that realization and have it help us build big goals. When we realize that we are spiritual, then we know we can accomplish so much more.

KeepCalmDreamBigPeople often think that setting big goals is just a recipe for failure. So, they set goals within their comfort zone. Funny thing is, they often don’t even reach those lukewarm goals. That’s because goals within our comfort zone are NOT inspiring. No one jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn to brave frigid temperatures and hit the gym to lose three pounds in six weeks. It’ just not inspiring. When you see that guy or girl who is a few years older than you, used to be severely overweight and now looks and feels great, has an easier time navigating his/her day and is just plain healthy, you’re inspired. I can be like that!

But then that creeping feeling of failure kicks in and you drop down to: I can be a bit healthier. What do you think is going to inspire you, white hot dreams or lukewarm middle grounds. When you are setting your goals, dream big, man! Set a goal that will inspire you. Set your goal beyond your reality, don’t even be afraid to be a bit unrealistic. That will get you inspired and that will get you moving. Don’t think about where you might trip up. Realize that you are in the goal setting stage and not that actualization stage so don’t worry about the necessary steps to reach your goal, yet.

Greatness involves risk and vulnerability. If you are afraid to fail, you will never succeed. Visualize yourself setting goals and reaching your goals. Visualization is a proven method of training your mind that something is possible. It’s one of the most common psychological techniques used by world class athletes.

Would you rather be safe and secure or would you rather take a chance to be great? If you answered the former, it was nice knowing you, we’ll send you a postcard from Greatness. If you answered the latter, we’ll see you tomorrow as we start taking concrete steps toward being great.

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