The Best Diets Ranking for 2014

We’re interrupting our series on Change to bring you news on probably the most sought after area of change, and that is our eating habits. The US News and World Report has just released their Best Diets Ranking for 2014.

A panel of nationally recognized experts rated 32 of the most popular diets on the following criteria:
1. how easy it is to follow
2. its ability to produce short-term weight loss
3. its ability to produce long-term weight loss
4. its nutritional completeness
5. its safety
6. its potential for preventing and managing diabetes
7. its potential for preventing and managing heart disease
And the winner is…
Best Diet Overall: The DASH Diet
Best Weight-Loss Diet: Weight Watchers
Best Diets for Healthy Eating: The DASH Diet
Best Heart-Healthy Diets: Ornish Diet
Easiest Diet to Follow: Weight Watchers

Head over to the US News and World Report 2014 Diet Ranking for the other categories and the complete rankings. One problem with all this is that dieting doesn’t usually work for most people, as neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt explains in this fascinating and enjoyable TED talk on diets.

So what’s a person to do? We have to eat something! That’s correct, but when we eat with the primary goal of losing weight, our body tries to thwart our efforts, in order to maintain our current weight. So we have to move away from a dieting mindset to one of smart eating. As it turns out, we’re working on new project called The Brevedy 3 Minute Diet in which we provide the basic information for healthy, pleasurable and thoughtful eating. Watch this space for more information, but until then: eat your broccoli.