Beyond the Physical: Uncovering our Power to Change

January is often viewed as a month of Change. Here at Brevedy, we’ve been reviewing and summarizing Charlie Harary’s 10 part audio series on Change. Over the past few installments, we’ve been focused on developing the proper mentality for Change. Today, we are going to speak about how the way we view ourselves is one of the greatest barriers to change.
We live in an increasingly physically oriented world. We are judged by the way we look and the things that we acquire. The way that we perceive the world is through our senses. So, we tend to view ourselves in a physical, material way. But there is so much more to us. We are all souls. We have an identity that is sourced in a spiritual world. People tend to think if they can’t see, touch, hear, taste or smell something, it’s simply not there. That’s completely false, you can’t sense something as vital as oxygen, but it’s there. We are created in the image of G-d. That means that we are not limited by the physical. Our aspirations and abilities have a power far beyond the physical. And we have the ability to overcome physical restrictions and circumstances. While You have a body, you are not a body. You are much greater. You are much more powerful than anything that is bound by physicality.

Change itself is not usually physical. But if you want to see change, look at an ocean-liner changing direction. It’s barely perceivable and it takes an extremely long period of time. A race-car, on the other hand, can turn on a dime. What’s the difference? The difference is baggage. When we realize that we are not defined by the physical, that we are not our past bad decisions, when we shed our baggage, we can change on a dime. That’s not saying its easy. But it can be done.

Realizing that our power to change is rooted in the fact that we are spiritual beings, creates a mentality that we can change, on a dime. Today, you can recreate yourself by thinking “I’m a different person. I’m not defined by my past.” Now, you’re ready for change. Moving forward, we will discuss the steps that we need to take to execute that change.

Brevedy video summarizing change concepts: 3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great.
Charlie Harary’s amazing 10 part Audio Series on Change.

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