Desire: Wanting vs Liking

Moving through our month of Change here at Brevedy, we’re continuing our synopsis of Charlie Harary’s powerful ten part audio series on Change. In the past two installments of our synopsis, we’ve been discussing how to create the proper mentality for change. The first two steps in mentality are: taking responsibility for our lives and using the power of focus to change perspective and reality. The next step is moving from “liking to change” to “wanting to change”.

20140107-233750.jpgWe tend to use the words “like” and “want” interchangeably. In reality, there is a big difference in wanting vs liking. “Like” is a preference while “want” is one of the most powerful things in the world. When someone wants something more than someone else, they invariably get it. We usually get what we want. So if we would only “like” to change we probably won’t. We need to honestly “want” to change.

More often than not, we get the life that we want. We would “like” to become more successful but we really “want” to relax. Look at an area that you want to change. Usually, there is a “want” that is competing with your “like”. That’s where inspiration comes back into the picture. When we get inspired, we see the person that we really want to be. Isolate which desire is driving you from change. Then, build the want in the other direction.

Sure, you’re getting what you want but you should want more. You should want to be better. You should want to be great. Move your “like” to change to “want” to change and you will be one step closer to greatness.

Brevedy video summarizing change concepts: 3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great.
Charlie Harary’s amazing 10 part Audio series on Change.

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