Focus: Create Your Reality

January is “Change Month” here at Brevedy. To start, we’ve been summarizing Charlie Harary’s amazing 10 part audio series on Change. We’ve pointed out that one of the major reasons that changes don’t last is that we lack the proper mind set–the proper mentality– for change. The first step to creating the proper mentality for change is taking responsibility for our lives, as we discussed in our previous post. The next critical step is to use our power of focus to create a reality that’s conducive to change.

20140106-214313.jpgOften, we don’t have the impetus to change because we falsely believe that circumstances are stacked against us. We look at what’s going on around us and see a world of impediments to change. But that does not have to be the case because we can change our reality. That sounds like a tall order but if we take a moment to understand the power of focus, we will see how creating a new, positive, change-ready reality is within our grasp.

We often make the mistake of thinking that reality is what’s happening out there in the world. Actually, reality is created by our perception. We are surrounded by millions upon millions of stimuli. It’s impossible for us to take in all of that stimulus at once. If we did so, we would go crazy. So, we choose to focus on particular circumstances and information. When we do that, we create our reality. What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.

Charlie cites a study where two groups of people were given the same exact game. The only difference was that one group was told that the game was called “Community Game” and the other group was told that it was called “Wall Street Game”. Those that played the Community Game cooperated more and those that played the Wall Street Game competed more. Even though the circumstances — the rules, the game pieces, etc.– were exactly the same, by forcing the players to take a particular perspective on the game, their respective realities changed.

We need to use our power of focus to create a reality that offers opportunities for change because reality is not so much about circumstances, it’s about focus. Look at the areas that you want to change and change your focus. Focus on opportunity and not obstacles, growth potential and not failure, positivity not negativity. When you focus in these directions, you will find avenues for change where you previously saw road blocks. Get focused, create your reality and then change.

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