Mentality: Bridging the Gap Between Inspiration and Action

Yesterday, we introduced Charlie Harary’s 10 part audio series on Change.We discussed the point that inspiraton is not really the energy that powers change, it is actually a moment of clarity that affords us the ability to see who we can be. It’s what happens after inspiration that determines whether we will actually change and become great.
Just like people often make the mistake of thinking that inspiration is what powers change, people often make the mistake of running to take action immediately after being inspired. This mistake is one of the major reasons why changes often don’t last. There is a space between inspiration and action and that is: mentality. Mentality is the bridge from inspiration to action.

The time that we spend determining the knowledge and planning of our growth, our mentality, is the best investment we can make in our growth. That’s because our mentality is the true determinant of how successful our lives will be. There is significant social scientific data that proves this point. Charlie quotes a study which compared the mentality of lottery winners with those who became paraplegics. Certainly, in the early moments of their fortune or tragedy, individuals experienced the respective elation or depressive state that we might expect. The interesting thing is that after tracking these two groups over several months, each individual, whether in the lottery winner or the paraplegic group, returned to their pre-event outlooks. If they were happy beforehand, they were happy now, despite their paraplegia and if they were pessimistic before hand, they were pessimistic now despite heir windfall. That is because mentality, not circumstance determines our success. As Charlie says, “There is no biography that dictates destiny.”

Build the bridge of mentality to transform your inspiration into lasting change. Moving forward, Charlie will focus on misconceptions that stifle our mentality and, in turn, our ability to change.

Check out our video: 3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great.

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