Inspiration: The First Step Toward Change

Noted inspirational speaker Charlie Harary has produced a must-listen ten-part series on Change. After discussing the importance of change, Charlie turns to the topic of inspiration. We’ve probably all experienced the cycle where we’re inspired to change, we try to change, we fail and then we start all over again. It’s the reason why many people make the same resolutions year in and year out. Why exactly does that happen? Is it because we are weak or incapable of change? No. It’s because we’ve got the wrong view of inspiration.

We make the mistake of thinking that inspiration is that moment that gives us the energy to grow. That’s not the case. When we get inspired, we are provided with a moment of clarity within which we see who we can truly be and realize that we aren’t there. That inspiration is gone as quickly as it comes. It’s what we do afterwards that ignites change. When we actively seek the knowledge necessary to make the change that makes our reality match our moment of inspiration, change becomes real and lasting. Then, what inspired you last year is this year’s norm and new inspiration will engender new change and growth.

Inspiration should motivate us to change when we realize that the very fact that we are inspired means that we can change. No one is inspired to be something they know is unattainable. As Charlie says, he isn’t inspired to be an NBA basketball player, his mom said he had a better chance of owning a team than playing on one (it’s not too late for that, by the way, so don’t forget to throw some courtside seats this way). The things that inspire you are reachable. Acquire the knowledge necessary to change your inspiration into reality. Then, your inspiration becomes your norm and you will be inspired again. As this process of inspiration-knowledge aquisition- change repeats, you will climb the ladder from good to great.

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