Giving More of Yourself

Huffington Post explains why Giving Freely is the Answer to Holiday Stress.This isn’t what you might be thinking: give more gifts, more often. Actually, maybe it is. But it’s not necessarily physical gifts we are talking about.

helping-handGiving freely means giving without fear of inadequacy and without expectations of getting something in return. And giving freely means giving more of yourself and giving with greater thought. Here are five ways to give freely:

1. Random Acts of Kindness. This is giving at its best. This is giving “just because”. Let someone cut you in line. Leave a bigger tip. Spring for the check unexpectingly. Pay for the coffee of the stranger behind you without them knowing. You will brighten someone else’s day, and your own.

2. Be a Mentor. Giving of our time and talents can be invaluable. That can be done by joining an official mentoring program, taking someone under your wing or just making a few calls to get someone started in your field.

3. Show Up. Your presence is a gift (I know, it sounds corny, but it’s true). When you make plans, so show up, on time. Show up at someplace you might not be expected but will be appreciated. Presence doesn’t always need to be a person. Sometimes, a phone call can make all the difference.

4. Choose Charities Thoughtfully. When giving time and resources to charities, take the opportunity to investigate the charity to ensure that they are doing what you expect them to do and plan how you can best support them.

5. Think charitable thoughts. Think about how you can give to others. Keep others in mind. Pray for others.

When the stress of the holidays has taken all you’ve got, give more of yourself and get back on track.