Some Ideas to Eat Better in 2014

Most people like to eat. It’s a necessity of life and because food tastes good, it’s an indulgeable permitted pleasure. The problem is that if we indulge too much, we don’t feel good. So what can we do to eat better in 2014? Thankfully The Kitchn has published a list of 15 most helpful health-related questions their readers answered in 2013.
Here are 4 questions with some selected reader responses:

Ideas for Low-Carb, Budget-Friendly Meals That Satisfy?
– I heard that eggs in the morning are a filling food you can eat.
– Cabbage is very filling and inexpensive and can be used to make a varitey of salads and slaws.
– Quinoa is pretty low carb, super high in protein, and very filling..

Healthier Recipe Ideas That Appeal to Picky Eaters?
– Grilled chicken wraps which are basically chicken burritos. Try it with shredded carrots, cucumbers, spinach and a homemade honey mustard sauce.
– Soups & stews are a great way to incorporate vegetables into a diet and are hearty enough to satisfy the big eaters.
– Most picky eaters seem to like a simple pasta dish and you can customize the sauce to the tastes of whoever you are feeding.

Ideas for Protein-Rich Breakfasts Without Eggs?
– Yogurt and a high-protein grains granola.
– Bean-based breakfast tacos.
– Whole-grain toast, cheese sticks, and a banana or apple.

Ways to Eat More Vegetables…Without Smoothies
– Put lots of chopped up veggies in chili.
– Replace pasta with vegetables like cabbage, zucchini, winter squash, potatoes, and beans.
– Find salad dressings you love and can’t get enough of.

Hopefully you can put one of those healthier eating suggestions into you 2014 menu playbook. If none of these appeal to you, head over to The Kitchn for hundreds of other ideas.