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If you’re a Brevedy follower, you already know that we are big fans of saving time. Our video summaries are only three minutes long and we’ve produced one called Getting Things Done in 3 Minutes. Lifehack has a great post on How to be Super Organized and Quickly Get Things Done.

What I like most about this post is the way that it combines: 1. classic productivity techniques, 2. common sense advice; and 3. automated productivity tools and apps.

1. Classic Productivity Techniques
Many of the Classic Productivity Techniques recommended fall right in with GTD and include:

Mind Sweep Your Brain: Sometimes your mind can feel so full of ideas, lists, tasks, projects and odd things to remember that it can be impossible to focus. Sit down for half an hour with a pen and paper and get everything in your head out into a huge list. Then, you can start dividing up your tasks and allocate time for them. Once your have cleared your head, you can crack on with the most urgent tasks.


Allocate Tasks on Calendar


Other productivity techniques fall right in line with the Pomodoro Technique , which is based on working for small blocks of time divided by smaller, set breaks, though the Pomodoro Technique uses 25 minute time blocks, not 15. The recommended techniques include:

Divide Up Big Tasks: When a task feels too big to face, it’s easy to put it off. Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes, and work without distraction for that time. Get up, wander about, stretch your legs and come back to it. Slicing away at tasks like this allows you to plough through and get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

Be Disciplined: Staying on task can require some discipline. Get yourself in the mindset of work by scheduling time off, rewarding yourself with breaks, and dividing up the tasks you dislike into smaller chunks.

2. Commons Sense Advice

Start the night before, do the things you hate first, meditate and step away from email,etc. for periods of time. All of these make obvious sense. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious because, well, it’s so obvious, we overlook it.

3. Automated Productivity Tools and Apps

The recommended tools include Zapier , a platform that easily connects different apps and IFTTT.comm (pronounced gift without the g) which allows you to create “recipes” that tell your apps and programs what to do. For example, you can create a recipe that says “if a picture is sent to instagram, save it to dropbox.”

By combining the insight of time management gurus with commons sense and automation, you will soon get organized and be able to leap tall orders in a single bound, faster than an email and more powerful than the most robust social media platform.


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