Last Week in Review: News that Counts

While you were busy holiday shopping, keeping tabs on Obamacare and potential government shutdowns, we did the hard work for you, compiling scads of news that counts and makes a difference in your life. You can thank us later. Buckle up, here we go:


Get Off the Treadmill: 8 Ways to Stay Positive this Holiday Season (
This time of year, many of us are constantly on the go. Physically and mentally. These are great tips to slow yourself down, I liked this one in particular: When we become stressed and anxious, we can breathe very shallow and high which stops us inhaling enough oxygen to keep ourselves relaxed and calm. The brain loves and needs a lot of oxygen, so for us to relax our minds and think clearly, we need to keep breathing! But big, full breaths. Write little notes to yourself — R.T.B. — Remember To Breathe. Put them on your fridge, in your car, a your desk — in a place where you see it a lot. It might seem silly but it really works!

Salad Shame (
The other side of the obesity epidemic.

10 Healthy Holiday Party Tips (
Tips include using small plates and creating food-free zones.

Some Winter Survival Tips from the US Marine Corps (
Tips from the Winter Survival Course Handbook and, yes, duct tape makes the list.

5 Tips for Working from Home (
One great tip: Get dressed, dude! Just because you work from your bedroom, doesn’t mean you should wear your PJs!

WriteTo Do Lists in Different Colors for a Systematic Work-Flow (
We’re big fans of creating work-flow lists with the GTD system, color is a welcome addition.

10 Worthwhile Uses for Tablets (
The lust includes these polar opposites: A Device Dedicated to Distractions and A Distraction-Free Work Device. Talk about versatility!

This Company Banned Email and Loved It (
Now, if they would only ban pop-ups.

HIIT Workout, What it is and Why it Works (
I figure, if I’m not going to be working out, at least I can be conversational in the hottest workout trends. Don’t judge.
25 Random Acts of Kindness (
This was written for the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, but why limit it. Ideas include: leaving anonymous positive notes and simply smiling. Pay it forward.

Don’t sacrifice Your Present for Future Security. (the
“If there is only one advice, one tip I could give you, I would say:
Be happy NOW! Follow your heart and live your passion. Be yourself and live YOUR life. Don’t worry about the future and don’t allow fear to control your life. If you live life like that, you will find a lot of joy and happiness and in such a state, absolutely nothing really bad can happen to you.”

See you on the web, folks.

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