Dr. Seuss, the Bloggiest Blogger in Bloggerville

Copyblogger channels Dr. Seuss for practical (and fun) copywriting guidance. Think about, this makes tremendous sense. Good copy is memorable, bordering on addictive. What’s more memorable than : One fish, two fish Red fish, blue fish? The Good Doctor had a magical knack for drawing you in and bringing you back. How can we apply this to our own writing? Copyblogger has three steps:

1. Dr. Seuss once said: “Kids can see a moral coming a mile off and they gag at it.” So how was he able to teach them so many life lessons? Because he would first draw them in a manner which Copyblogger calls “Pudding before Sprouts”. By first appealing to children through creative and active languages, think: verbs over adjectives, and only then moving slowly to the lesson. Paint the picture then give the facts. throughout the story. Seuss’ books would begin in a vivid, whimsical, and fantastical manner to grab attention before attempting the delivery of morals. That holds true for any good content. Vividly explain the predicament so your reader is along for the ride when you provide the solution. .

2. Language is beautiful. Dr. Seuss’ writing is rhythmic and rhyming. That doesn’t mean that your content always has to be. But don’t overlook the power of rhyming to create memorable writing.

3. Own your words. Dr. Seuss constantly invented words:

A sneetch is a bird-like creature who lives on beach
A Floob-boober-bab-boober-bub is a creature recognized by its bulbous body as it floats through water
A Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz is the anthropomorphic representation of the letter Z

This level of invention is not something that will work well in the adult world. But coining your own terms or using something a bit more creative than what others are using will help your content stand out.

I never thought that after 40 years, I will still be taking fantastical voyages with Dr. Seuss, through Bloggerville no less. Try these tips in your writing and “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

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