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Last week’s News You Can Use had it all. Well, almost. We’ve got: throwback video games, occupational recommendations, work-life balance, weird football throwers, dangerous readers and a gift list. How ’bout that!


Pride or Shame From Meeting Goals (

I’m just shocked that people are still using Tetris for testing purposes.

Specify Skill and Personality Trait for Great LinkedIn Recommendations. (

What if that personality trait is: curmudgeonly. Seriously, this is a great post and even provides a template you can use.

How to be More Present with Your Family in Three Steps (

Excellent point about how we convince ourselves that we can be focused on work and be simultaneously fully present with our family.

18 Year Old Cancer Survivor Invents a New Way to Throw a Football and Wins $100,000. (

Great story of ingenuity, persistence and individuality. Money quote: “They may all throw a football better than me, but no one will work harder than me.”

Caution: Reading Can Be Hazardous (

Insider’s look of what it means to be a book award judge. This is perfect: There are only two reasons for reading fiction, I finally decided: to experience beautiful, original prose and to learn something about people and their nature.

Positively Present 2013 Gift Guide

Personally, I would call this “The Positively Presents” but I’m a sucker for horrible puns. Dani whips up an amazing list of eclectic gifts, across a wide range of prices. Sometimes the descriptors are just as good as the gifts:
Light Up the Room Candle ($40) : because she does, doesn’t she?
Sticky Notes Six Pack ($12) : making the reminders prettier
Buck Trophy ($30) : a better alternative to killing Bambi
What Does the Fox Say Tee ($13) : the song’s in your head now, isn’t it? (Ed: Darn you, Dani!)
Mr. Happy Mug ($14) : a reminder for that Mr. Not-So-Happy
Narwhal Screwdriver Set ($15) : who doesn’t love narwhals? (Ed: I admit it, I googled it. )

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