100 Ways to Get Inspired to Lose Weight

Bloggers are often depicted as couch potatoes or sloths slumped in a chair, one hand on the keyboard and the other wrist deep in a bag of Cheetos. (Do you know how hard it is to get Cheeto dust out of your keyboard?) Well, these 100 bloggers are no couch potatoes and they likely aren’t big Cheetos Munchers, they are Diet To Go’s 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers of 2013.

All of the bloggers on the list are everyday people, not diet gurus or someone trying to sell you a product. They are people who are or have struggled with the challenge of losing weight and becoming healthier. There’s inspiration for everyone here. Several bloggers have lost over 100 pounds. Stephen at Who Ate My Blog has lost more than 250 pounds!. I like the way Stephen analyzes what he has done right and wrong in the prior week and sets a plan for success moving forward. Tanee at From Fat To Fit Chick lost 200 pounds and frankly discusses her struggles with depression in addition to her struggles with weight loss. Haneefa at Black Girl Gets Fit and Erika at A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss brings additional cultural diversity to the list.20131205-002701.jpg

One blog in particular, 700 Pounds is as Bad as it Sounds, is poignant and heartbreaking. I don’t know if it’s always inspirational but it gives an in depth, personal look at the struggles and depression of morbidly obese individuals. The most simple of tasks is a major accomplishment:

One good thing is that I was able to go to Sam’s Club yesterday for the first time in many years. Yeah I waddled through the place best I could, and yeah I got the usual paparazzi treatment again but it sure was nice to walk through that place. I do wish they would put a bench or two in the back of the store though, that way I could have rested my back for a minute without having to walk all the way up to the front. By the time I got back up there my legs were burning so bad, but it was worth it. Fortunately they weren’t passing out samples everywhere while we were there. However we did stop by the snack counter on the way out to get some pizza. It’s OK, though I just ended up making that my big meal for the day.

It helps when you’re inspired to lose weight by others involved in the same challenges.
Take a look at the list and grab some inspiration, not some Cheetos.

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