Last Week in Review

Last week, Black Friday and Obamacare led the news but we’re giving you the stuff that makes a difference in your life. 20131202-004223.jpg

Here goes the week in review:

Snacking Throughout the Day Could Help You Lose Weight (
This challenges our well established Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner triad by nixing Dinner.

Staying Active All Day Linked to Healthy Aging (
This study look at non-exercising activity. I wonder if snacking counts (see above).

5 Ways to Get Good Bacteria in Your Stomach (
I Had heard of pro-biotics and anti-biotics but not pre-biotics.

8 Immediate Stress Busters and Serenity Boosters (
I love the idea of creating a special playlist just for distressing. Perfect.

Avoid Caffeine Before Interviews for Better Composure (
Sometimes, things that are so obvious are overlooked. This is one of them.

15 Surefire Ways to Stat Fit from Thanksgiving to New Years (
Love this one: power walk the mall while holiday shopping.

10 Things to Stop Caring About if You Want to be Happy (
So true that media and society create unrealistic expectations of body type, success, etc.

How to Live Your Passion Every Day (
Money Quote: The secret is though, living your passion isn’t one big step – it’s a series of small ones. These small steps don’t involve going out on a limb, quitting your job, selling your house and diving right into living your passion. These small steps are actions you can start taking today, no matter where you are in your life right now.

The Conflict Layer Model (
I found it interesting that we often are so concerned to reveal our vulnerabilities in a negotiation that we end up overlooking our own needs.

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight) (
The list includes improving your memory and your posture.

7 Power Mantras to Help You Through a Difficult Day (
These all come with great graphics, I save a few of the images for when I need a boost.

The 15 Jobs that are Most Damaging to Your Health (
A few surprises: customs Inspectors and Podiatrists

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