Growing Through and From Negative Experiences

Everyone experiences “negative situations”. It might be dealing with a difficult person or struggling to reach a goal or dealing with adversity. When we let that negativity pull us down, our responses are slower, if we muster the ability to respond at all, and we let that negativity creep into other areas of our lives.

Lifehack provides 5 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations.
Here’s a brief summary:20131129-114021.jpg

1. Focus in the learning opportunity. Every negative situation has some kind of lesson within it. When we focus on what we can learn, there is a t least some positive that we gain.

2. Turn to others. Many of us swallow and hide our problems. Turning to others for help or at least support can lessen the blow of a negative situation.

3. Don’t fret over things you can’t control. While there are often negative situations which we have caused and we need to own up to that, there are also situations which we did not create and do not control. Focusing on these is simply wasted energy. If the flight is delayed, it’s not your fault, unless you are an air traffic controller or jet engine mechanic.

4. Understand that you are only human. We all make mistakes. Cut yourself a little slack, just not so much that you don’t own up to your mistakes and address them.

5. Realize that things pass. Many of the negative things that bring us down are not that grave and will pass before we even know it. Look back on the things that you worried about in the past and take note of how many were really that important and worth your energy.

Employing these tips won’t turn negative experiences into positives, but they will, at least, help neutralize them so you can focus on moving past them and into positive situations.

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