Thoughts on Thanksgiving Foods and Feeds

5 Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster (
Sticking to a bedroom routine has worked for me.

4 Thanksgiving Stressors (
As a New Yorker, unexpected delays are a Thanksgiving tradition, it’s nice to have advice on dealing with that.

When You Run Out of Ideas (
The idea to create an “idea list” is great.

Thirteen Things Not to Buy on Black Friday (
I was surprised to see toys on this list.

Finish What You Started (
I usually keep my new projects under wraps but the idea to tell others about your projects in order to create public accountability might just be the push I need.

What’s Hiding in Your Holiday Helping (
Sometimes we get so focused on fat and calories around the holidays that we ignore other important food precautions. This is especially true for those suffering from ailments such as kidney disease.

Smaller Bowls May Keep Kids from Overeating (
This sounds logical since we tend to want to fill our bowls but the study is interesting in the fact that the bowls were only filled incrementally, yet those with larger bowls wanted more. I wonder of this would be different for adults.

Super Foods Hidden in Your Thanksgiving Feast (
Finally, some good news about Thanksgiving feasting!

Last Year’s Turkey