3 Uncommon Stress Signs and 3 Uncommon Stress Reducers

Most of us are familiar with the common signs of stress: hair loss, irritability, nervousness. But there are other uncommon stress signs that fly under the radar. Becoming familiar with these signs will help us realize that our stress levels are high and prompt us to address the situation. Huffington Post recently had a piece in its Lifestyle section that laid out eight less common stress indicators. Familiarize yourself with all of them and then find yourself the best way to reduce your stress. 20131125-095729.jpg

Here are a few that were surprising to me:

1. Dreams. Strange or recurring dreams may indicate stress. The most common stress-induced dreams are missing your bus or finding your house on fire.

2. Tooth trouble. Stress overload can lead to teeth grinding which can occur without notice during the day or at night while sleeping. If your dentist tells you that you have been grinding your teeth, it may be because you are stressed.

3. Frequent colds. Stress seems to lower our immune system, making us more susceptible to colds. If you find that you are getting more colds than normal, try to take steps to reduce your stress.

It wouldn’t be fair to simply point out stress indicators without offering some stress reducers.

Web MD has six surprising ways to reduce stress, they include:
1. Drinking tea, especially green tea, which can be psychologically soothing, forces us to slow down and also has chemical properties that actually help reduce stress by reducing cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

2. Unplugging from electronic tethers. Putting away our phones, tablets and other constant sources of contact and connection helps bring peace of mind (once you get over the withdrawal!).

3. Remember the good stuff. Studies show that those who focus on what they value most have less stress in their lives. Take out the time to remember the ones you love, the things you enjoy and the things with thick you have been blessed.

Keep your eyes open for stress indicators and your mind focused on stress reducers.


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