*VIDEO: 3 Minutes to Authentic Happiness *

We’re quite happy to release our latest video titled: “3 Minutes to Authentic Happiness” and we think other happiness hunters will agree. Judging by the thousands of Amazon results listed for happiness, there are a lot of people in search of happiness. We think a driving force behind the growing interest in happiness is the founding of the Positive Psychology movement in 1998 by Dr. Martin Seligman. We based this video on Seligman’s landmark book “Authentic Happiness”.

Please treat yourself to a viewing of 3 Minutes to Authentic Happiness.

As you see from the video there are three components to a Full Happy Life:
1) The Pleasant Life where you increase positive emotion through pleasures, activities and attitudes.
2) The Good Life where you use your strengths in your work, love, friendship and parenting.
3) The Meaningful Life where you use your strengths to serve something larger than the self.

Authentic Happiness A Full Happy LifeOne of the great benefits of the Positive Psychology movement is that it has provided many practical ways for us to increase our levels of happiness and well-being.

And now you can get started increasing your happiness in 3 minutes by watching the video.