Developing Better Sleeping Habits

I’ll admit it, I am NOT a morning person. I’ve become better at it over the years but I still do what I consider my best work in the wee hours of the night. Teenagers, it seems generally have harder times getting in to a schedule that is in synch with how the world works. And there are studies which provide some physiological reasons for this. But the world won”t wait, school, work and most everyone’s daily life begins in the morning. The Atlantic recently reported on a long term study that shows that teenagers who had better sleeping patterns and sleep and wake times more in line with what we consider “normal” achieve greater academic success and better emotional health. But it’s so harrrrrrrd. Here are three simple steps to getting started on changing your poor sleep habits:20131112-103551.jpg

1. Diet. How and what we eat and drink can affect our sleep buy ambien patterns. Obviously, cutting down on caffeine, alcohol and sugar in the evening hours will help. Additionally, refraining from eating for an hour before your go to bed is a good idea. Recent studies show that protein may have a role in promoting sleep and that fish is an excellent food for promoting sleep.

2. Kill the Snooze Button. You don’t have to tell me that it feels great to get that extra nine minutes. But your body doesn’t agree. Awakening and then going back to sleep for short periods of time throws you in and out of sleep cycles without completing them. Fight the urge to hit the snooze button and get out of bed immediately.

3. Up and At’em. Doing exercise as one of the first steps of your morning routine will get your body and brain working and provide benefits throughout the day.

It is never going to be easy to turn a night owl into an early bird but the pain is worth the gain as we become more productive and promote better emotional health.