*VIDEO: Time Focusing in 2.5 minutes. The Power of the Pomodoro.*

We’re excited to release our latest video titled: “Time Focusing in 2.5 minutes. The Power of the Pomodoro”. We’ve been avid productivity hounds for a long time and we’ve been seduced, disappointed and estranged from many a time management panacea. Until we met our favorite tomato, the Pomodoro, which gives you a big proven productivity boost, without asking for much in return.

The technique not only helps you mange your time, it creates focus and higher levels of productivity. It works because it’s simple, sensible and instantly implementable. After watching our 2.5 minute video, you can start using the Pomodoro Technique immediately.

As the author himself has stated about the technique:
Over 2,000,000 people read the first version, and it’s not hard to see why: The Pomodoro Technique is about getting things done. Simply. That’s why we didn’t need to fill our book with inspirational metaphors or empty promises. Our unique time management method gives you immediate and lasting results. Master it, and you’ll be able to accomplish anything.

We have stripped down the technique to focus on the fundamental aspects of small, focused periods of work, followed by smaller breaks. While the full Pomodoro Technique has additional elements and variability, we’ve presented the technique in the manner in which it has worked for us over past few years.

And now you can learn it in 2.5 minutes by watching the video.