Who’s Got Time for Time Management

What flies, flows like a river and is not on our side? Yup, you guessed it: time. Doesn’t sound to positive. Maybe the problem with time is that we let it manage us instead of making use of time in a way that intensifies focus and magnifies productivity. Oceans of ink have been spilled espousing one or another time management method. Certainly, there are several different effective time management methods, but we here at Brevedy have found one system to be exceedingly effective–the Pomodoro Method. Time Management

In our opinion, a solid time management method needs not only to be effective but must also be simple to understand and employ. The Pomodoro technique — which we have been using for over a year –fits this criteria. In addition to its simplicity and low maintenance methodology, perhaps the reason why we consider the Pomodoro technique to be exceedingly effective is because it helps manage time by creating focus in your tasks and projects. As a result, you end up not just getting more things done but getting them done better.

The premise of the Pomodoro technique is that we work most productively in small focused time chunks free of distractions, followed by short breaks which help us refresh and re-focus. Tomorrow, we will be releasing our second free instructive video, Time Management in 2.5 Minutes, the Power of the Pomodoro. Spend two and a half minutes tomorrow to learn the Pomodoro Technique and gain a lifetime of time savings.

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