The Six Seconds your Résumé Gets

In our current economy, competition for jobs is often fierce. Recruiters are playing a larger role in the employment process so the better you are at impressing recruiters with your skills, the better chance you have to land an interview. Business Insider reports that a study of recruiters revealed that they only spend an average of six seconds viewing a résumé before deciding if the submitter is a good candidate for a particular position.6 second résumé review

The study also revealed what parts of the résumé recruiters focus on most. The study used the same type of eye tracking technique that most of us are familiar with from studies showing where people look when going to a website. During the six second perusal, the recruiter will look at your name, your current position, including title and start and end dates, your previous position, including title and start and end dates. and your education.

When you’ve only got six seconds, every second counts. Fastcodesign has some excellent tips to shape up your résumé and catch a recruiter’s eye. The overall idea is to make liberal use of typography (basically, the way you visually present your words) and white space so that the viewer is easily and comfortably guided through the résumé. Headings are important guideposts but keep them as short as possible, as you should job descriptions. Get to the point, no lavish embellishment and redundancy and avoid the use of visuals such as charts.

Putting significant thought into the way your résumé looks may sound like a chore but those hours will change those six seconds which just might change your life.

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