I’ll have a Big Mac with the Cabernet

Business Insider had a piece in which professional chef, Chaitali Waychal fesses up that she loves her Big Mac. “I am a trained chef and a self-confessed food snob,” Waychal says. “Despite my education in one of the finest cooking schools in Paris and training in classical Michelin starred restaurants, I couldn’t be happier chowing down a BigMac meal with large fries.”

Waychal gives four main reasons why she thinks people eat at McDonald’s, two of them are related to the actual food:

Comfort- “A Big Mac or an order of chicken nuggets will taste similar in almost every McDonald’s in the world. It’s a lot more comforting to choose something familiar then try something scary and foreign;” and

Taste – a cold soda, hot Big Mac and salty fries “cleverly cater to the basic stimulants of salt, fat, and sugar. Once you start eating it, you become addicted to the heady combination.”

This is not dissimilar to America’s love affair with the potato chip. Add crunch to your salt, fat and sugar (carbs turn to sugar) and you’ve got a comfort food extraordinaire.

Some experts say that if you are serious about losing weight, you need to swear off the Mickey D’s and the chips. Others, however, argue that if you constantly deprive yourself of the unhealthy foods you crave, you will eventually burst and binge. The middle ground is to occasionally indulge, within limits. Portion control is critical to this approach. Pour a few chips into a bowl and put the bag away (a fireproof safe will do). Then, savor your chips as you eat them slowly. I’m not quite sure how you do this with a Big Mac but I’m pretty sure removing the sesame seeds from the bun is simply not going to do the trick.

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