Moving the SAT Towards the Ultimate Assessment


Scott Jaschik has an informative article on Inside Higher Ed titled “A New SAT” which discusses the College Board’s intentions to redesign the SAT.

David Coleman, a lead Common Core Standards has been appointed the new head of the College Board. It seems that Coleman wants the SATs to be more aligned with the Common Core, although he maintains that “In its current form, the SAT is aligned to the Common Core as well as or better than any assessment that has been developed for college admission and placement”.

The article points out that the SAT is losing market share to the ACT. On their web site, the ACT points out that “The ACT is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school. The SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities”.

Although we recognize the value of both the SAT and the ACT as good tools for admissions screening by colleges, we’re a tad skeptical of Mr. Coleman’s claim that the SAT “democratizes access to higher education for all students”.

It’s also interesting to note that by becoming more aligned with the Common Core, the SAT will likely become more achievement oriented and, in that regard, more like the ACT.

Perhaps the SAT will become the ultimate high school assessment, and serve as a nationwide common core Regents type examination. If the SAT does become the final cumulative assessment, how will that effect the generally positive vibes that the Common Core is receiving. You can almost hear it now, “Is all of the Common Core on the Final.”