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The Spirituality of Healthy Eating

In a previous post, we discussed the four human dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Let’s examine the fundamental human activity of eating through these dimensions. At its root, eating is fundamentally a physical activity. We need food to survive,

There is No Best Diet

Julia Belluz has a great piece on Vox summarizing the salient points made in her interviews with more than 20 leading nutrition experts. I’m not sure whether the points that are listed are in order of importance but number one

More Pleasure, Less Pounds. VIDEO: The Brevedy Diet Overview

We’re excited to release our first Brevedy Diet Video. This short video gives an overview of the Brevedy Diet. Our next video cover estimating proper portions and calorie counts. Learn how to eat with more pleasure and lose weight by

Disrupting Dieting

As the following facts illustrate, dieting is a market yearning to be consumed. – An estimated 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion annually on weight loss products. (link) – More than two-thirds of U.S. adults are

The Trouble With Diet Tracking

Many diets require that you count your calories. For example, three of the highest rated diets in the US News and World Report Annual Diet Review (Weight Watchers, TLC DIet, and DASH) require you to keep track of your calorie

DIETS – Decide, Inform, Eat, Track, Support

To understand why diets succeed in the short term and fail in the long term, it is helpful to look at the different components of dieting. We are using the acronym DIETS to describe the Decide, Inform, Eat, Track and

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Superfood?

What Makes a Superfood? The Wall Street Journal’s Burning Question column asked this question to Dr. Phil Hagen, a preventive-medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Hagen makes four points: 1. There is no real definition of a superfood and

How You Can Learn Like a Child

Most of us realize that younger children are better learners. They pick up languages easier and the amount of learning that they can retain on a day to day basis is incredible. Researchers are working on trying to determine if

The Changing American Breakfast

The Wall Street Journal recently had an interesting piece called Fast and Furious: Americans at Breakfast. While the piece had a business angle (after all, it is the Wall Street Journal), there were some interesting points about the changing ways

Food Fight: Why All Foods Get Beaten Up

If you try to keep up with food and health news, you might have noticed a trend. A food becomes the new ”super food” or some other darling of the world of healthy eating. Then, shortly thereafter, there is a